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General Manager :Top managers and responsible person。
Sales Department:The doorway of the communication with the customers,
1) Fully responsible for sales work, completes the company sales target
2)Timely to quote for customers inquiries
3) Organization of shipment
4) Payment collection
5) Accept returns and returns the repair service
Production Department:Consists of the following departments
Design Department: According to customer’s requirements design .
Technology Department:Make processing technic for each product, Draw processing drawings, Track processing process and  solve the technology problems.
High precision Workshop: For the lens S/D is more than 20-10; The Surface Flatness is L/10; Non standard optical element ;Or for some lens  with the higher requirements and using crystalline material.
Spherical Workshop: Prouduce medium and small batch spherical lenses, the Quantity since 1pcs to 500pcs
High-speed spherical polish Workshop: Make large quantities of spherical lenses, the Quantity since 500pcs to 500000pcs
Cylindrical workshop: Produce all sizes cylindrical lenses, the Quantity since 1pcs to 200000pcs
Window and prism Workshop: Produce windows and prisms, the Quantity since 1pcs to 1000000pcs
Coating Workshop: coating according to customer need.
cemented Workshop: cemented according to customer need.
Assembly Workshop: Acassembly according to customer need.
Quality Control Department: To test each procedure finished product; according to the drawing requirements to test the completion of the final product and issue the test report.
The shipping department: According to the drawing requirements, Turn the order quantity to sales department and make the 
spare products to register.
Purchase Department: Purchase materials and register storage
Financial Department: Responsible for the financial forecast financial planning and financial analysis
Service Department: Customers have any objection about our products quality and service, please contact with service department.